Powerful PA

A variety of PA configurations are available to meet the demands of your event, large or small.

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With loads of gear gathered over decades of experience, electricLATTEland can provide local or touring bands with exceptional musical equipment.

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Whether you'd like to record your next big gig or land one with a professionally produced recording, we can help you get the sound you're looking for.

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For our client's benefit we provide easy online booking and accept all major credit cards for payment of deposits and installments.

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Whether your venue is in need of a sound system, are a promoter who needs backline, or a band looking to record live or in the studio, eletricLATTEland has you covered.

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Festival PA
Drum Backline

Our PA standard packages range from $250 to $800 giving you the flexibility to design your event to your needs. Our backline packages range from $250 and up with a variety of quality instruments available. Custom setups are available to scale with your needs through our rental partners. For events outside the Philadelphia area, send us an email.

We want you to sound GOOD, so we use quality gear. Highlights include EV speakers, QSC amps w/ DBX eq, Shure & AKG Mics. Marshall, Fender and Selenium, Carvin, Hartke, Randall, Ludwig, Zildjian, Washburn, Epiphone, Ibanez. Contact us for details and requests.

We can bring the studio to you! Our mobile multitrack recording is done on site with a high quality HD24 hard disk recorder, studio quality microphones, and is available anywhere you are! Additional mixing and mastering also available.

Send us an email for a rapid quote. A QUOTE on PA and BACKLINE rental contains AT LEAST these components: Equipment, Labor, and Transportation. Average prices are based on locations in or near downtown Philadelphia.

Please email for a quote. Include all details about what gear you need, even if you're not sure we have it, and when and where your event may be.

Don't hestitate to ask for more than what you see. We have arrangments with other sound companies and gear rental warehouses. If you like what we do we'll be happy to scale it up or down for you!

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  • Avg. $500 full stage gear / $250 basic. Please email for pricing.
  • Quotes consist of Gear Rental, Labor, and Transportation.
  • The following list can help you get a rough estimate on a package or on individual items.
  • Actual pricing may vary due to transportation and manpower factors.

  • THE WORKS: $1000

    FULL PA plus FULL BACKLINE with two techs.
    You get your choice of PA and Backline gear.
    Additional travel costs may apply.


  • Peavy 5150 half-stack (Van Halen) $65
  • Marshall 1960a w/ Randal head (Dimebag) $55
  • 2x12 Selenium closed back cabinet (built in-house) $35
  • 2x12 Fender open back cabinet (1 ampeg, 1 fender - 70s vintage, close sonic match) $25
  • Epiphone Les Paul SG Custom ('51-style "D" neck, SG body, three humbuckers): $60
  • Washburn Rocker (24 fret, bridge humbucker, 5 pos. sw.): $30
  • BASS

  • SX Bass Custom Handmade - Fender Jazz Bass style with DiMarzio Pickups: $40
  • Hartke 250+250 500 watt bi-amp: $30
  • Hartke 350+350 700 watt bi-amp: $35
  • Carvin Pro Bass 500 watt bi-amp: $40
  • 4x10" Carvin Cabinet $30
  • 2x12" Selenium cabinet (built in-house) $35
  • 18" Carvin Cabinet $30

  • Roland EP-9 with eight voices: $25
  • The EP-9 has a full 88 keys; there is no pitch wheel; midi cables included upon request; bring your own tone generator to expand voices; sustain pedal included by default.
  • Yamaha S-30: $30
  • The S-30 has 61 keys, pitch and modulate wheels, and a full bank of voices.
  • Simmons Keyboard wedge combo amp with stereo satelite monitors: $40
  • Hammond A100 console - identical to B3, in a lighter chasis
  • Leslie 122 Rotary Speaker Cabinet(s)
  • Please email for details.

  • WFL Ludwig Classic double bass set 22, 22, 10, 13, 16, 14x5 wood snare: $75
  • Remo Acousticon w/ quick-release lugs 22, 10, 13, 14, 14x6.5 metal snare: $45
  • Gibralter Backrest MotorcycleThrone included.
  • Main Zildjian Set: A. Zildjian 14" hats, 16" thin crash, 18" med thin crash, K. Zildjian 22 ride, 14" hats: $65
  • Hats and Ride only: $25
  • DRUMSET ADD ONS: $10 each / $50 all
  • 18" ludwig floor tom, 14"x6" Gretch Chrome-overBrass snare (Billy Cobham style), Tama Iron Cobra double bass pedal, Paiste Dimensions 11" splash, Wuhan 14" China, Assorted Cowbells, Shakers, Tamborines.

  • LP's CP Fiberglass Congas with MULE heads (great projection, warmer tone): $40
  • 16" REMO Djembe with GOAT head: $45
  • 14' REMO Djembe with Plastic head: $30
  • Talking Drum: $20
  • Cuica: $15
  • Washboard, Shakers and Tamborines: $10 first, $5 each additional.

    Backline usually requires its own tech.

  • Half day: $80

  • Full day: $120

  • Long Day: $160

  • Clients can add 1 instrument to an existing Large PA package without requiring an extra tech (except drums). Contact us for details about providing your own transportation and labor.

    This Backline setup travels in a full sized short school bus. The base rate is $60 within ½ hour of West Philly. Parking fees and tolls may also apply. Contact us for pricing on further travel. If you only need a guitar and a piano that might fit in a car, contact us for a pricing discount.

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    Studio Console

    At ElectricLatteLand we take PRIDE in the QUALITY of our equipment! You need the best conversion possible to the digital realm. ProTools is great software. We use it for editing and signal processing. This is a place where 21st century digital editing meets old-school signal flow and tape machine know-how! For tracking we use a dedicated hard disk recorder, built for one purpose: making your music sound great!.

    It takes your music digital without suffering that huge quality loss you get with "price point" manufactured home gear. You can record 24 simultaneous tracks here, and you will notice the QUALITY of our board's high headroom preamps, with FULLY parametric EQ. Get it done HERE, at ElectricLatteLand, and sound PROFESSIONAL! Studio Pine offers a variety of format conversion options, to bring your old projects up to date or switch media types.

    Highlights include DAT, ADAT, HD24, CD/DVD, USB drives. Others available upon request. No matter what format you have and what you need, we do our best to keep your signal pure. We have three funtioning ADATS on hand, count 'em, THREE! and more available upon request, for old tape conversions to hard disk or Pro Tools. Who else has that?

    Randall Head / Marshall Cab

    We offer basic in-house mastering, and highly recommend taking the finals steps of music production OUTSIDE of the ProTools Box. Our DAT and HD24 have STUDIO quality converters that are meant to get a JOB DONE WELL rather than to hit a price point. The difference is clear! Come HEAR it from our speakers FIRST! Get all that fullness back into your kick drum and bass guitar! The bounce to a DAT tape will sound professional. Our DAT player's been modified with the latest A/D/A converters. Your music will stand out. You will sound REAL! (Yes, we can make you a master CD too, of course!)

    Top-notch mastering is also available by appointment, where stereo and eight-buss recordings are welcome.

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    Send us an email for payment details.


    We are currently developing a feature to allow our clients to book sessions with their preferred engineer or assistant and gear against a real-time availability calendar. Stay tuned!

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    Festival PA
    Drum Backline

    Styx Latté, a drummer in the local music scene, started his sound engineering career in 2002 while attending Drexel University for Music. After several years of doing live sound for bands, he invested in recording equipment that fit well in a live PA. Styx ran a recording studio for several years out of a modified room in a parking garage with partner Mike Gallagher, while continuing to build his sound system and his reputation as a live sound engineer.

    Festival PA
    Studio console

    While the studio was recently shut down due to flooding, Styx has continued to find ways to serve clients’ needs by providing mobile recording services and continuing to deliver quality live sound at a rate competitive for the Philadelphia music scene. His relentless dedication to quality is sure to make your music stand out above the rest. Additionally, Styx is available as a session drummer and roadie. He can be found working the board at The Rotunda at UPenn, or subcontracting for corporate events with Reliant Staffing. Or he can be found covered in grease under his giant school bus in his spare time!

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